Howdy, Universe!

Damn, that took a bit of work getting this POS up and running.

Anyhoo,  so I was driving to work, and I hear a Pink Floyd’s song, but being covered by someone else. Now, get this, they hit every note in the arrangement, but I still heard a distinct differnce in skill between the radio version I was listening to and those notes created by either Gilmour’s or Barrett’s fingers. I could appreciate the effort, but it really left me longing for a doobie in the locker room at my old high school, listening to The Wall, and getting stupid.

It’s late, I did my yoga for the day, and i ‘m a gonna goto sleepies.


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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