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ECHO… Echo… echo… o…

it sure is quiet in here. I can hear the crickets chirping in the background, ala Daffy Duck performances. It then begets the question, Why do it? For what reason should you post anything? No one is reading this, and … Continue reading

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another post

You need to have Cathart before you can get Catharsis. Applied Laziness means never having to do the same work Twice.

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so, I have Ankylosing Spondilitis, and a sedentary job. Recently, I have begun Yoga to attempt to mitigate the effects of the progressive and chronic disease, but you should hear the rice crispy like sounds the various poses imparted. Maybe i should … Continue reading

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opening lines

You couldn’t rightly call it Day, nor was Night accurate, though authors and screenwriters have described it as such for a very long time. Only the early, primitive hominid ancestors Zeke shared with the restless masses of the Enclaves could have … Continue reading

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Halted Process

My autoclave is bubbling at 650 PSI, and thus fails the static hydro tests. I didn’t even get to light it up, to get it to the requisite 1500-2K PSI & 35° -40° C it was designed for. I have … Continue reading

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i updated the last post

so no new one today. ha, ha, ha. just ignore the blankness. No, Really.

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Science, Reverse Engineering Reality Since Plato 347 BC Copernicus 1473 Galileo 1642 Descartes 1650 Newton 1727 Franklin 1790 Darwin 1882 Einstein 1955 Hawking    — D. Paul Lynge. Some try to say that about Religion, but They’ve just been making it up out of whole cloth.   — T. … Continue reading

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