I have been thwarted yet again.

My first autoclave was built inappropriately and swelled under 400-500 PSI to the point it leaked out the edges regardless of reinforcement.

My second autoclave, made out of a cast-off section of Oil Well Casing worked wonderfully in containing the pressure, but held Ethyl in the rough surface on the interior, and thus ruined batches.  Subsequent experiments in lining the Autoclave proved disastrous, as both Ethyl and Liquid CO2 are fairly strong solvents, and eat petrochemicals and plastics like sugar in water.

I was trying to decide between a powder coating or a ceramic or glass liner, when I said Fuck this, I’ll make another one, a little smaller. It’ll be easier… ha, ha ha.

Thus the Mark 3 was born. This Motherfucker is crafted out of a foot long section of 316 stainless Schedule 80 3″ Nominal Nipple and a pair of Steel Butt-Caps rated at 3000 PSI. I put Hours into trying to seal this Iron Bitch using first rubber Strap Wrenches, then Woven Cloth Belt Strap Wrenches, then Chain Wrenches. I finally realized Strap Wrenches were useless, I bought a 48″ Honest to God Steel Pipe Wrench, made in Istanbodia. I took the 24 ” wrench, and a number of 2X4’s and built a frame. I utilized a Racheting Tiedown strap, and achieved 3/4 closure. Which leaked. I upgraded to a Portable Hoist, with Steel Cable, and promptly snapped the frame in two. After this I bought a 4X6X96, got LowDepot to cut it in half, for 2 48″ sections, and built a frame out of this. A 10″ 3/4″ lag bolt on one end holding the smaller wrench, a piece of steel strapping to hold the Wrench in place, one of the Chain Wrenches as a Tiedown Strap, and a similar sized double ended Eyed bolt contraption on the other. I got the GodDamned Bitch Sealed!

 Then the dinged threads I hadn’t noticed showed me they were a problem at 600 PSI. I was lucky enough to know someone who knew someone who could weld it for me, so the Bottom, non-holed end is now Welded Shut. So, one final test, to check for leaks…

Now, it’s holding pressure, about 500 PSI, so it works; but the Minimum Supercritical Pressure & Temp are 31.1 °C and 1072 PSI. So, in order to test it fully, I wanna boil it. So I disconnect the CO2 tank from the input Pin Valve, and I hear a slight hiss. I expected to leak a volume of CO2 out when i disconnected the line, but the Gage is reading 0 PSI from the CO2 tank & the Line leading to the tank was inert when I sealed it with my finger. Not so the Inlet Pin Valve. That sonofabitch slowly, but steadily built pressure until it Squirted out, like water from a garden hose with your finger on it, but dry. My Beautiful Plan, Delayed yet again by something I didn’t expect. I had to hook it back up to keep the pressue overnight, as that was my initial plan.

This really puts a crimp on Global Domination.


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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