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It’s the only case I know of where the patient has all of it’s basket cases on one egg. One thing I have noticed, is that it is soon to be election time. Of all the aspects of campaigning I would like … Continue reading

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Mixing And Waiting

Last night I made a triple batch. it was distributed to 12 half pint containers. Each batch is approximately 196.485 ml, so a triple batch was around 589.455 ml, prior to spills & etc. The Mason Jars are Regular mouth half pint … Continue reading

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Setup & preparation

so, for ol’ posterity, I’ve decided to list the stuff I do in the lab during the witching hour.  Beginning with last night. Suffice to say, the lab is in an almost constant state of disaster, or at least a state of … Continue reading

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Pre-steps -1 & 0 accomplished.

This weekend, I took 10 hours, a Gas Grill, 4 Mason Jars, and a Vaccuum-suck machine,  and regenerated the Molecular Sieve. I then later bathed said dessicant in 7L 95% ethyl/5%H20 (4 X 1.75L Everclear). After a week, this will … Continue reading

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The blue tinged xerogels were caused by the leak. the leak was due to poor cleaning of the threads for the input Choke Valve. The original setup had a 90º angle made of brass, and when I replaced the incoming … Continue reading

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Status Report

The last time I reported on the Status, I has just filled the Autoclave and was preparing to  close it. It has been sealed. I have added a second 3K# check valve (Inlet to Autoclave), attached the 3K# pressure gauge Tee, Set … Continue reading

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The Processes are Evolving.

So i was thinking about Alignments, like those proposed and used in common RPG’s, and it struck me that the “Good & Evil” alignment axis is fairly poorly defined, as most folks only understand an Absolute reality. It has been … Continue reading

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