Status Report

The last time I reported on the Status, I has just filled the Autoclave and was preparing to  close it.

It has been sealed. I have added a second 3K# check valve (Inlet to Autoclave), attached the 3K# pressure gauge Tee, Set the whole mess into the Ice Bath, Hooked up the CO2 Tank to the Autoclave, hooked up the Exhaust, Filled the Bath with Ice & Salt, & fired up the CO2 Tank Heater.

I have kept the ‘Clave between 650-800 PSI, and between – 2.3 and 3.0 C since hookup. I have drained two CO2 Tanks, and recovered  1.1 L Ethyl at this point. I added 2″ foam Insulation around the Ice Bath (w/ Custom carved lid), and have reduced the Ice Additions from 4-5 bags a day to 1 bag a day.  Additionally, I have added a Hose & Fan to pull the escaping CO2 Out-Doors, and I am only needing to cut a hole in the floor to complete the exhaust system.

The Ethyl is almost extracted. I’ve got a process where I unhook the Ethyl Bottle from the exhaust,  clean & dry it thoroughly, and then Vent with a folded up Coffee Filter held over the exhaust. So far, I have been getting trace Ethyl, but once I get a Clean Filter, we’ll be good to go, and the Supercritical phase can begin.

So probably next week. At this point, I see the need for another Tank or Two of CO2, and about 3-5 bags of Ice.

I have enough money for the Ice.

Thankfully, the Temp is not a critical if I am simply holding status, and not trying to extract Ethyl. But the CO2 Pressure and Temp need to be “Liquid” before I can extract anything. Currently, I estimate I have 5 lbs of CO2 left.


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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