Setup & preparation

so, for ol’ posterity, I’ve decided to list the stuff I do in the lab during the witching hour.  Beginning with last night. Suffice to say, the lab is in an almost constant state of disaster, or at least a state of disarray. I’d describe the layout, but since I plan on adding images and/or video later, it seems rather pointless currently. I spent 15-30 minutes last night organizing (yeah.., right…  you know I just moved the stuff out of the way, and in the way of a later portion of the project. )

I have Clean Ethyl @ 199 Proof (99.5% ethyl, (Dehydrated Everclear)), Distilled H2O (from the grocery store), 30% Aqueous Ammonia, .5 Molar Solution of Ammonium Fluoride , & TEOS (the last three from a major chemical supplier. I needed a Business Address for shipping (special Type of a PO Box)), but not a business license).  All chemical supplies are ready.

I have the Autoclave open, and I need to clean it prior to use, but I have at least 2 weeks for that.

I waxed the forms last night (Regular mouth Half-Pint Mason Jars.) I set up the Hot Plate, with a water bath, placed the Mason Jars within the bath (9 at a time fit), placed chunks and shavings of parowax within the center mason jar, and turned on the hot plate.

When the wax was fully melted, I’d cap off the jar i was working on, flip it over, & swirl the wax around inside to coat the inside of the jar, flip it upright, remove the lid, and pour the wax into the next mason jar. I’d then place the Waxed jar upside down, to allow excess was to drip out, and do the next one. I got 22 half-pint mason jars completed in one pass, and then I spent time inscribing patterns (with sand paper, 160-180 grit) on the inside of the lids for 15 of them, 3 each of 5 patterns. Centerline (every swipe passed through the center of the lid),  Right Angle (Passes in Two perpendicular directions only), Circular Swirly (like it sounds), Pentagram (ooooo… Witchcraft), and a Hexagram (Star of David).

So, the plan tonight, after all those that need it are asleep, is to mix a triple batch of Gels. This should give me around 600 ml  aqueous Pre-Gel.

Mason Jar ID = 2.24″-2.34″(Wax vs non-wax), call it 2.3″ for ease of guesstimation. The Autoclave is 2.84″  ID, with 13″ interior. For best results, and since Ethyl Alcohol (Critical density 0.276) is lighter than CO2 at 0°C and 500-700PSI (Critical density 0.469  )), the gels should settle at the bottom, leaving a space at the top to accumulate ethyl outside the Gels (percolation).  This will provide a faster removal of Ethyl from the casing.

Anyhoo, more math to follow soon.


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Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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