It’s the only case I know of where the patient has all of it’s basket cases on one egg.

One thing I have noticed, is that it is soon to be election time. Of all the aspects of campaigning I would like to revise, two stand out the most:

Lobbyists & Advertising.

I know they have made it Legal, but bribing Senators and Congressional persons to vote favorably to the bribers interest is still wrong. Hosting a Fundraiser to keep Senator Corruption in office for another 4-8 years doesn’t sound like a plan for the best interests of the largest majority of the populace.

If they would confine political advertising to 1 week prior to the vote, or even to a handful of debates near the election, that would be one thing. Or even if politicians and their supporters were prohibited from mentioning the opposition, i’d be happier.  Instead every night for months prior to the election i get to know why i don’t wanna vote for anybody.


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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