i gotta find an easier way to get Ethyl, and I thought of it today on my way to work, but I haven’t talked to anyone involved & i hesitate to begin Running & Operating Carriage House NanoTech as a Business prior to completing Planning the Damnable thing.

I have waste Ethyl, but due to the chemistries involved, the Waste Ethyl of Mine should Never, I repeat, Never, contaminate Drinkable Ethyl.  It would render one of the Universe’s Best Gifts useless, and anything less than 199 Proof is too waterlogged for my patience.

Suppose I knew someone who was licensed as a Petite Distillery.   I would not want them to contaminate any of their apparatus or components, but they have the Legal Requirements fixed for operating a Still, which I lack due to local ordinances (I mean, Just because My Lab backs a Public Park where Children Gather… G.D. Ordinances. Ordinance I like, Ordinances I do not.). Anyhoo, I have a Distillation Apparatus, and clean Glass containers, and glass containers full of “Waste Ethyl” (5%~15% H2O,  Alcogel Particulates, Trace Ammonia and Ammonium Fluoride, ~1% Rust, etc.). But I cannot use this apparatus, and thus am screwed out of reusing this ethyl without violating Federal Law. Not A good Idea.

Anyhoo, someone with a Petite Distillery License would be able to run my Waste Ethyl through My Distillation apparatus, as well as any future Failed Brewing Experiments, and with Molecular Sieve(retained by Brass/Copper Wool), the resulting product will be 200 Proof.  The normal properties of Ethyl Distillation allow one to strip all but 4% of the H2O from the Ethyl. Scientists call this 96%Ethyl/4%H2O ratio an Azeotrope, as you cannot get anything better than this with Simple Distillation.  3 Ångström (or, very, very, very small) Molecular Sieve will fix that. It comes appearing as small 4mm-8mm clay Balls or Cylinders, and it has, as best as I can describe it, Teeny,Tiny, itty-bitty li’l holes that are 3×10−10 m across. These Holes are large enough for H2O to enter, and since there is a silica Desiccant inside, it wants to. Of course,  anything H2O likes, Ethyl, like a bigger kid, Likes better. Unfortunately for Ethyl, and good for our purposes, the Desiccant is hidden behind the 3Å  holes like it’s hiding in the ball-pit maze the larger kids can’t get into. Ethyl is significantly larger than the holes, so it the Molecular Sieve Destroys the Azeotrope Ethyl and H20 Share.  Since a Column Still uses Rashing rings, or Copper Mesh, or ceramic disks, or etc, with a Copper-Wool wad stuffed into each end, the column could be filled with these 3Å-Mol. Sieve beads. Since it’ll Adsorb up to 20% of it’s weight in H2O, several liters will be distilled to 200 Proof prior to the Mol. Sieve reaching it’s saturation point. After that, exchange the Mol. Sieve in the column for Fresh or ReFreshed M.S. beads, or just distill to the typical 192 proof & have it soak M.S.Beads for a week prior to use (and filter the beads, and their dust, out, and wait for it to settle, & pour off the Clean,  & repeat, so you know where these thoughts come from.)

Anyhoo, If i knew anyone with a Distillery License, and they were willing for any combination of taking my waste Ethyl and renting or using my apparatus & selling C.H. NanoTech the resulting pure Ethyl, or renting/leasing space in the Distillery’s Floor for the Scientific Ethyl Production (dude, $60-$180/L) etc… I’d definitely need to have a business dinner with the owners to hash things out.  😉


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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