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“Bumblebee” is the common name for the relatively harmless 250+ species of “Fuzzy” bees with a specific pollen collection mechanism on their back legs. They play an important part of North American Pollination, and many species are endangered or threatened.

But that name is a little ridiculous, don’tcha think? Bumble-Bee, a Bee that Bumbles. A name that invokes the words “Stumble Bum”, and other similar derogatory remarks. Bumble, the Snow Monster from Rudolph, who at first is to be feared, but then later becomes a pitiful laughingstock that has had his “Bite”, and the fear of it, removed.

Also, from :
bum·ble 1  (bmbl)

v. bum·bledbum·blingbum·bles

1. To speak in a faltering manner.
2. To move, act, or proceed clumsily. See Synonyms at blunder.

To bungle; botch.

[Perhaps blend of bungle and stumble.]

bumbler n

It’s bad enough that we continue to eradicate this much maligned insect (like the myth that Aerodynamics state they can’t fly. Obsolete math, yes, but not modern ideas on the viscosity of gases on an Insect’s scale, or the fluid dynamics their wings exhibit when “buzzing”).


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