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Promises, Promises.

All that time spent on paperwork should be paying off soon. then there’s even more paperwork. Yay! Continue reading

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For every hour of lab work

there is going to be at least four hours of paperwork, and three hours of meetings. This is in addition to, of course, the necessary 10-20 hours of research i do before trying anything New, be it process change, “New” … Continue reading

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Vote Early, Vote Often!

Actually, I want anyone voting for our entry in the 2012 Mass Challenge to obey any Rules, Guidelines, & etc. regarding it. Here is the link I found by googling  “mass challenge Ansible” . Blog It, Post it, FB & G+ it, … Continue reading

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So There Was This Failure

Around 3 am on 12 April, I discover the failure, and proceeded to start the process over, AGAIN. I am now cleaning the Tainted Ethyl (OTS Activated Carbon & De-Ammonia Chips), and after 5 or 7 more batches of the … Continue reading

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Supercritical phase begun

As this is now fraught with Industriasl Secretz, Only the most basic info will be released regarding this process. I can recommend searching Google for “Supercritical CO2”, as this will give the interested (and determined) party a better overview of what I … Continue reading

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Tweeting now!/Rey_dTutto seems to be the URL for it. Somehow, it has become necessary for me to blab, er, I mean, Blog, Again. Thus I am not promising, affirming, planning, or otherwise committing to any schedule, length, word count, non-repetitiveness, deadline, … Continue reading

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