For every hour of lab work

there is going to be at least four hours of paperwork, and three hours of meetings. This is in addition to, of course, the necessary 10-20 hours of research i do before trying anything New, be it process change, “New” Chemistry, or mechanically altering my conglomeration of tools, coolant tanks, heaters, valves, lines, and Autoclave.

At this time I have a “Stable” and usable recipe of my own formulation, and I have a few chemistry modifications I want to try for solving some mechanical issues with the Monolith Production cycles I have “confused into being”. The paint process is usable at this time, but I need to define our timeline of production, on paper, and I need to produce enough particulate for both Scientific and Anecdotal studies (Birdhaus Thermometer test grid, Residential and Commercial Test Locations, etc.) . also, I need the test materials (birdhouses, thermo-probes, Computer to gather and store data, Paint & Stains, etc.)

The We I am writing of and “For” is the Ansible Industries team, which besides myself, comprises of three men and two women, with combined experiences that range from Sales and Marketing (Cars & Homes to Cell Phones & Radios) to Psychology and Communications (Interpersonal, Relationship specific, Customer Service, etc.), to Computer/IT & Quantum Chemistry (End User to Enterprise support, Linux distro’s and Microsoft, and, of course, Silica Aerogel particulates and Monoliths).

I do know how important this technology can be. As I see others race to produce their own solutions to the “Energy Crisis”, I note that most attempting my methods have at least several million dollars worth of investment and backing behind them, on up to an entire Government supporting their efforts.  At a recent Business Meet & Greet, someone asked me what my Bona-fides were…

I have produced at least one ounce of Silica Aerogel Particulate in my Home-Made, Self-Designed, Backyard Autoclave, after spending less than $5000 of my own money. Everything after that is Gravy….

If I didn’t have “Delusions of Grandeur”(Hubris), some folks would wonder what is wrong with me.


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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