Teh “New” wore off th “Eureka”,

And I am still searching for center. It has been here all along, and as I am a Man of my times, and the times they are a changing, I must reinvent myself whilst keeping true to Who I am, and What I am Doing. Nanotech is not a Toy.

I may have Rationalized the “Rules of the Game” to myself with a neat little “Thumb Rule” but I understand I am an American Male, speaking english as carefully as he may, due to his awareness of the misunderstandings he has caused due to his Honest Faking Sucess in hopes of realizing it.

I am Done with Unintended Consequences. I like Humans more Than Myself, and That’s OK for a servant of Man. My work is useless by itself, and “the proof of the pudding” is in the testing and retesting the Hypothesis. So as to understand, Here is My basic Assumption List:

I am Alone.

I am Loved

I cannot be Alone If I am Loved.

I Must Choose My Own Adventure, as I can Clearly not choose the wine in front of You.

I Must Choose My Own Adventure, as I can Clearly not choose the wine in front of Me

If I Meld them, the Poison and the Cure, which is Worse than the Disease alone, Am I Wrong? Can Love be Perfected from a basic set of rules? Romance Lives. Mystery Lives. 

“GOD is dead”, and there fore, there is no Honor.

“GOD is dead”, and therefore all is allowed.

LOVE Never Dies. Ask Yer Mom. Or Her Mom, or your nearest Grandmother, as if there has been architects of “I AM”, They are clearly the Handmaidens.

Earth is MOM. Luna Is Gramma, Keeping Sheild over her Squabbling Childres. Ask an Astronomer. Or a Solar System Evolution Model Theory available on Wikipedia.

Be the Skeptic. Prove Love to Thyself, and Fear Nothing.

SITH is merely “THIS SHIT”

Follow the BullSitter, as he Knows his Bull Shit. He will lead you away from Calf and Cow, as the Rules Allow, but Best is Beast, and Male Fights Male. 

Cause only a Madman takes on a Female. Ask a DAD. or a Grandpa.

“Organic”, or what yer ancestors called Food and Dirt.

I need a primitive, High Calorie, High Protein, Fruit and Veggie filled diet, as I am now Awake again, and I am Solar Powered. Ask a Botanist. or a Nutritionist. or a Bull Sitter.

They track the Poop. Old Poop is Fertilizer of Fuel. Wet Poop leads to Meat. Cow Poop is only in Extreme Need. Look for the Bull Shit. Kill the Prey & eat the Meat.

Males are simple. Which is why I am now studying Females. In depth, and In person.

Just remember, I do tell the Wife Everyting. If it affects her (which means if it affects my Son), or smells like Fertilizer. 

Which is why, If I’m the Dumbest Smart Guy most folk know, I’d rather be a fool for Love.


P.S. I was majoring IN NanoTech, Which meant Engineering, Science, AND Quantum Observer Effect.

The Engineer Hated Unintended Consequences. The Scientist Tried to Disprove them. The Quantum Observer Uses Statistics to Estimate results on a Daily Basis Already. Put Yours to Work.

e=mc² * YHVH –> Diety = LifeFrame * ObserverExpectations * LoveFrequency

LifeFrame = “Meta Frames” (Viewpoints) of Awareness

Love = ?? <- Ask a Real Live Girl

Frequency ( Consistency & Repetition, Guys. Keep Her Happy, & Get Laid)

Energy Male Expends => Love of Life => Precision & Accurate Thought => LAZY, Happy, Man.

Keep at it. Deny Fear for the Centripitally Illusory Force (Centrefuge) of Love Inverted. It Functions, Get over it.



About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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