to whomever

Never mock your Muse. Irony was invented by the Muse.

Self-hate is the only Sin. As that yardstick, All have sinned, and None are Best. Nyah.

The (Awakened) Active Player Character Meme is Living in my head, Tanya will Play D&D with the rest of the Ansible Crew for her necessary additions (Role-Playing Guys, Not Hack & Slash. Tanya may pick the “Frame/Setting/Paradigm”, & I say you three will choose between GURPS, D20, or the Classic and Nerd-iversal D&D).

(((I like playing “Paranoia” *occasionally* for Fun. “Every Good Clone is a Friend of the Computer. How Long have you been Secretly Hating the Computer?”. Role Playing system for Ansible? *****Bad Idea.*****)))

Valentine, take note: the only thing more Dangerous than a Poet for an Enemy is one who is Accurate. Due Diligence = Accuracy. Val=Wordsmith. I want, to “Build/Grow” me/us, a Val-Nuke.

Tanya. 14 and counting. i think… But of You, I Have Faith

Dave. Partner. CDO Lawful Evil Rules Lawyer to my ADD Multi-Classed Wizard/Preist/Fighter/Theif/Sorcerer Chaotic Good. Classic Odd Couple. Must Keep the Meme, as it is Believable to the Unawakened. You are allowed to Grow Past me any time you want to, but you are my “Pardner”, as I try to be Yours.

Brian. Dude. the Bitch is Gone. My Cock-blind ways have lost me 12 lbs weight and 6mo inertia. pls forgive me. thank you and can you help again?

Julia. You have been just as stressful, but infinitely more useful than K. I wanna promise not to sleep with shareholders whom I have known for less than a Year to the BOD of Ansible. I would like to give Dave and Tanya “Rey’s Perspective” of Julia. She’s Kewl. Not Impossible. Be careful, and tell Dan to Shut Up Less, and Be Respectful More.

Help me not be a Hypocrite. thank you all

Rey d’Tutto for
Daniel P. Lynge


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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