Still Alive. Yes, That theme song.

Somehow, I’ve failed to die prior to my 27th birthday. Or my 30th, 35th, or 41st. I’m staring thru the next pair of months, into the depths of winter, at the end of January, where my age will be the answer to life, the universe, and everything, should I live that long.
Not plannin’ on passin’, but most folks that aren’t my relations tend not to see it coming. As I have no diagnosis of Cancer, and my diseases, tho rare, only cause physical and mental problems, I have no premonition of anything but a cold and painful winter to survive, and to hopefully heal a mite.
Depression can paralyze one as much, or worse, than any other impediment I can imagine. The lack of an ability to view the future with Hope, where any action is meaningless, and any effort a waste, is more than slightly demotivational.
Love of Family and Friends has helped me with my struggles. And as I am still struggling, so they still help. I get medications that help with symptomatic issues. My Temporal Dyslexia and an inability to count occasionally results in waiting for refills over a long weekend. Like Turkey-day. Stretching helps, but only to a degree. Meditation allows me to realize that physical pain is a Temporal phenomenon, and it is Transient and Effervescent in relation to me. I experience Pain, but that sensation is as illusory as the remainder of our consensual hallucination. Though Pain feels as Real & Immediate as anyone could desire (if they would Want that), the transitory nature of the Body’s warning signals leads me to the locales where massage, heat, or pressure provide relief.
I kinda feel like a reverse flagellant, “hurting” myself for physical relief, not physically abusing myself for the state of my soul. (I figgered the Creator/Deity made my soul & the conditions I’d find myself in, and if I come up with an unexpected or unwelcome outcome, then I broke Reality. No objective proof of any of it, so no worries 😉 ).

Rambling on then. Life is. Sometimes good, occasionally great, often painful & confusing, but it’s still the best interface with the most immersive experience possible, full surround (sound/light/matter), massive pallette, insane frame rate, negligible lagging, with a building block system that puts Minecraft (Modern Lego Videogame for the Luddite audience) or COD or anything we call VR to the level of a crayon masterpiece made by a 2year old.

Hate it, Love it, or Indifference towards it may affect the effects you internalize, but the Show Goes On, regardless.
Enjoy the Trip.


About Rey d`Tutto

Hey, Y'all, I've been rather ill recently, and that has kinda deprived me of the ability to post regularly. I may or may not ever post regularly again. Thank you for playing.
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