About Rey


You found the site. Congrats. Here’s your prize:

Rey d`Tutto is the Electronic and Sci/Fan Convention Alter-Ego of Daniel P. Lynge, a Pacific Northwest original.

I’m what’s commonly referred to as a Big Guy, standing around 6’3″, 215-250 lbs, depending on health.
That’s around 1.9 Metres, 99-115Kg for you metric minded folks, or 18.75 Hand, near 20 Stone for time travellers.

I was born when bell bottoms were cool, and Disco was King. I remember the death of Elvis, and John Lennon, and standing in a line that stretched around the block to see Star Wars for the 5th Time. I watched Black & white movies, and good old fashioned holywood bible pics, where the actresses could go barer than the norm, as it was “Historically Accurate”.

I’m rather smart, and I usually forget that I’ve got a bad memory, and I can be rather Impulsive. My father was a machinist, and my grandfather before him.  At work, I used to deal with computers, and at home, after the pets and the kid & the wife were sleeping, I worked on Nanotechnology. Now I am the CEO of a Start-Up, Ansible Industries: Leveraging Technology to Improve the Human Condition. The Trip got Weirder, Mom (Miss U).

I continue to relax by reading Wikipedia articles on Chemistry, History, Linguistics, Calculus, Quantum Mechanics, and where the links doth lead. This, however, is merely a continuation from reading the Encyclopedia Britannica earlier on in life.

I’ve got a good life, and I’ll be sharing slices of it with you. I usually answer questions posed to me, often with questions of my own.

So, Please; Enjoy. And:

Choose to Be Happy!    🙂


Remember; Think, Then Post

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