Still alive. Nuthin’ ta say, at least, not now, and not here.

Maybe tomorrow. Peace

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It’s a healthy/unhealthy dichotomy. I’ve got an immunodeficiency (or two), as well as depression, so, most of the time, I’m conscious of my lack.
Occasionally though, I’ll get ill, as in “I can’t get out of bed, unless I’m heading to the commode” kind of sick, and then I realize how healthy I usually am.
I am not confined to a chair. I can use both of my hands; hell, I have both of each of those things that are supposed to come in pairs when one is a human.
I have my mind. A little worn, maybe, kinda rusty here and there, but it’s all there, more or less. The “can do” attitude comes and goes, but I find myself moving forward, since it seems the direction of greatest potential. I’ve learned that the complete “180° Pivots” that I’ve been frustrated with in the past were minute course corrections instead of “tacking against a headwind”.
The lack of strength, the endurance I enjoyed, the veritable vitality I had year before last still make their absence felt regularly. I’ve had to tell my son I can’t play because I’m too tired. Or that we can play, but maybe Chess or Minecraft instead of Jedi or Firemen or Adventurers.
Which is why I am grateful, that I am getting healthier. I’m still horribly underweight, so that my friends and family are visibly shocked when they’ve seen me, lately. Saddest part is that I have put on a few pounds (3-4) that have stuck around, but every week its a small nudge up. Considering it, I am slowly, minutely, gaining my weight back, but th US Army would say I’m 10-15 lbs underweight… If I were 18. At my actual age of more than double that, I’ve no idea, but adding another 30-40 lbs to my current frame would lose me the Skeletor look, and Deo Gloria, I’ve had my appetite return.
It may be premature, but I’m grateful for my returning health, and for the rest of this whole “consensual, persistent hallucination”.

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Expectation and outcomes

I really have a hard time believing that the hands typing this note, the hands that made “1’s & 0’s dance” for family, friends, and customers for the past 20+ years, hands that racked servers & ran cabling and socketed plugs into ports, hands that have had a far further and much less engaging impact via virtual work, that these hands are making an advanced material.
I’ve worked on cars and trucks and small engines since my days in the WAARNG. I couldn’t tell you how many quarts of oil or transmission or brake fluid I’ve changed. I can tell you of the automotive engineers (@ least the ones who designed Specific Vehicles) that I have cursed, and as to what idiocy prompted it. I might estimate the percent of skin I’ve scraped, scratched, cut, burned, or otherwise left in an engine compartment or on an undercarriage. But that’s just replacing worn parts, simple maintenance of someone else’s crafting. Then again, I’ve assembled the parts, and built servers & desktops from motherboard to functional systems. But Aerogel?

Aerogel preparation is a Chemistry experiment, followed by a Physics experiment or two more, depending on production method used. Some folks will argue that its all Chemistry, but I disagree based upon the following: I’ve done it more than once before, and I’m doing it again, I plan to continue, and this is how I done it.

It is just that success is not only both a weird, anti-deja-vu like distraction, and that it is unexpected (and literally unplanned for when I initially pursued this crafting, as I was thinking tens of milliliters, and I’m now planning cubic meters), but that it has also been, quite paradoxically, humbling (current production of 1 liter per batch… Oh boy!).

Anyhoo, I’ve got another paper to read, another method to plan and prepare for, and chores, as the dishes and clothing still refuse to wash themselves.

Joy and Peace, y’all!

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Waiting is hard on the Antici

I’m in the midst of an initializing startup. I’m handling it kinda well, for a noob, but it has been an unsettling experience. Like a riding, at night, an unlit, wooden rollercoaster, except it has steel-rollercoaster spins, loops, and twists. I keep thinking this whole process/mechanism is a bit overpowered and under-engineered, and the sudden silences, where I start thinking we’ve gone off the track and are
gonna crash & burn, are followed by the resounding clatter and wrenching G-forces of another godforsaken PIVOT.
Pain In (my) Very Overworked Tail.
My favorites, in no certain order: Shattered monoliths are still salable. Make it Greener/Cleaner. Investors need 3rd party verification. Nobody needs hydrophilic, make hydrophobic. Try the Ambient processes. Somebody wants ‘philic, so restart that production. Here’s another ‘phobic recepie, do try to avoid setting it afire.

Of course, the main goal of mine in this endeavor was to make a monolith. I have only been trying to make monolithic silica aerogel for the past 8 years, so I’m not a world leader in the subject, but I do know more than the average amateur chemist/physicist about the subject, and there are aspects of gelation and phase changes and valence potentials that I remember better than most of my childhood.

It it an Obsession, this mission of monolithic masterwork that I crave to create? If so, would it actually matter in the slightest? 
I have been making one of the most advanced materials on the planet in conditions so primitive they might qualify as industrial; they haven’t been made under laboratory condition @ std Temp & pressure. Anyone in the peanut gallery know the Pain In The Ass that is keeping pure ethanol/methanol/solvent dry in the Pacific NorthWET? Both 200 proof ethanol and 100% methanol will absorb H2O from the air, and 80%-100% humidity is not uncommon here.

Anyhoo, my family is calling…

Remember to choose Happiness.

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Yep, I Ain’t Dead (Yet)

I’ve been quite I’ll, to the point that I was forced to quit my day job. They decided that they needed to move locations (annual occurrence, if I understand the process), 5 or so miles away.
5 miles is a short hike. A bit farther than a walk, but less than “a good stretch of the legs”. I got so weak that I purchased a friggin ” mobility scooter” (NOT a “Little Rascal”. I’m not a fucking Death Star, I’m underweight by 20 lbs or so, more or less a 6’3″ (190.5 cm), 180 lb. (82 kg.) Skellington. I’ve been drinking “Protean Shakes” as a staple of my diet.

I’ve recovered sommat. I’ve got a 1L batch of Hydrophilic in the Autoclave, and I’ve recovered approx. 90% of the solvent during the CO2 transfer. I worked for a solid month cleaning the gear & equipment as the last attempt (with an untested method) left everything from the CO2 tank through the Clavorator, into the Autoclave, and out the exhaust manifold & into the collection vessel was coated in rust (Iron (III) Oxide, Fe2O3), both internally & externally.
Getting the hardlines clean proved beyond my capacity, so if they fail this batch, I’ll have to replace them completely, as every 1/4″ or larger fitting or nipple was scrubbed clean. Otherwise, the final 10% is proving to be as extraction resistant as always. 2 days down, 1 (hopefully) to go.

Anyhoo, positive vibes, prayers, wishes of good fortune, etc. are more than welcome, for the Work, myself, my loved ones, and the rest of y’all.

Peace be unto you, and may fortune illuminate your path.

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I have been Busy

Fellow Makers, Inventors, and Innovators; My name is Daniel P. Lynge, and I am the Chief Science Officer and Head Alchemist for Angstrom Innovations, Inc.

Angstrom Innovations is a small Advanced Materials manufacturer based near Seattle, specializing in Hydrophobic Silica Aerogel particulates (Extreme Thermal & Electrical Insulator). What has that got to do with 3D-printing? Well, one of my hobbies is 3D modeling and printing. I’ve tinkered with stuff since I can remember (like the time I got in trouble for disassembling all the telephones in the house… I was 6), and got the Idea to combine the two while watching a “How do they make that?” episode featuring peanut butter filled chocolates with my son…

You all are my type of folk, at least as far as being makers and tinkerers, hackers & inventors. I *really^3* want to see what you creative types can make with an Aerogel infused 3D-printer filament. I’ve combined some 200~200 mesh particulates with ABS, and mechanical/destructive testing suggests an upper limit to the Aerogel to ABS ratio. I’ve seen carbon nanotube- & buckyball-, steel-, aluminum-, and other material -Infused Filaments in ABS & PLA for the 3D-printer market, and so I asked the Angstrom Beancounters, they said “Get positive feedback by noon Tuesday, or it’s a NO-GO”.

So, Can I get “Peer Review” for the concept of Silica Aerogel infused 3D-Printer Filament? Would this be a Useful Thing? I know I’m excited about it, but it’s my idea; that and $5 will get you a Mocha. As far as insulative objects made with an additive printer, do you like the idea? Would you like to have Aerogel Infused Thermoplastic Filaments? And what would you be willing to pay for a 1 lb. spool equivalent of A.I. Filament?

Thank you for your Time, and hopefully your support.

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Three methods.

The first creates hydrophilic silica Aerogel, and has worked several times.
The second is an extension of the first, with an additional tool that introduces TMCS, thus (hopefully) creating hydrophobic silica Aerogel.
The third is a completely different method, using Hydrogels, which is waiting on materials and tools to attempt.

Testing the second method has begun, with the Alcogels in the autoclave & the Clavorator assembled, connected to CO2, & cooling.
Pretty Kewl, eh?

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