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Chemical Vapor Infiltration

So, though I’ve never used it, I’ve talked about CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) IRL often enough for most of my friends and family to have a simplified idea of the process. To perform CVD, one uses an evacuated vacuum chamber, some precursor gas (I.e. argon/methane mix for Carbon Nanotube manufacturing), and a lot of heat. The heat decomposes the hydrocarbon gas into carbon, which in the specific conditions, deposits into a self-assembly structure of nanotubes (or whichever end product is being manufactured).

CVI, alternatively, is the same process essentially, with the difference being a preform (or a porus structure) is placed within the vacuum chamber initially, and this structure is then infiltrated with the deposited material (non-oxide ceramics, mostly (silicon carbide, silicon boride, nitrogen based ceramics, etc.)).

I have been rebuilding my autoclave after the last two failures, and I have no illusion that a CVD/CVI system could be made safely in my lab with our current resources. But I can imagine a carbon-fibre reinforced silica aerogel monolith that has CVI applied to make a new type or manner of C/SiC composite.

So, another set of experiments I ain’t doin’.

Why ain’t there ever enough time?

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Weekend with family

A few years back, all I saw of my family was on the weekends or on the rare occasion one or more were home ill.
Then for a while I was home, constantly ill, or going to doctors appointments.
Getting my health back has been difficult and painful. Engaging in my life again, on the other hand, has been difficult and joyous.

My Son, and his school, have been instrumental in my recovery, as his growing years wait for noone. Homework does itself, Right?!? (No, it don’t, fer all non-parental units consuming this monologuing… Damn, Never Monologue is a Rule somewhere…) He also tends to Voulentold us, so… SCIENCE!

My Wife, however, has been both the Meistro, as well as the Prima Donna, of my Desire to Heal. She vexes me and entices me with a look and a wink. I hung out, as a Senior, with the same crowd she did, as a Sophomore. The Band and Football group before school, the Stoners and Actors at lunch, and the times I watched her (in cowboy hat & tight blue jeans) walk up the stairs before me, or sitting in the hallway talking with friends, and I Never (not once) knew her name. I went to a friend’s birthday party at Her Mom’s house and didn’t meet her (friend of the b-day boy). Now she keeps me alive & sane & on task. Hell of a woman.

(Later on in the weekend)

As I am bounded by a nutshell, whilst experiencing an infinite dimense,  the joyous responsibility of one constrained to sanity while making “Majick Rocks” for a penultimate “Show & Tell” with critics as harsh as kindergartener’s prior to nap time, and getting to be an involved Parent…

Why do I only feel right when the Improbabilities outweigh the likelys? It ain’t Rocket Science… (they say it’s harder.)

Who wants to do the “Impossible” with me? I see a few hands up already…

Thanks, y’all.

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Still Alive. Yes, That theme song.

Somehow, I’ve failed to die prior to my 27th birthday. Or my 30th, 35th, or 41st. I’m staring thru the next pair of months, into the depths of winter, at the end of January, where my age will be the answer to life, the universe, and everything, should I live that long.
Not plannin’ on passin’, but most folks that aren’t my relations tend not to see it coming. As I have no diagnosis of Cancer, and my diseases, tho rare, only cause physical and mental problems, I have no premonition of anything but a cold and painful winter to survive, and to hopefully heal a mite.
Depression can paralyze one as much, or worse, than any other impediment I can imagine. The lack of an ability to view the future with Hope, where any action is meaningless, and any effort a waste, is more than slightly demotivational.
Love of Family and Friends has helped me with my struggles. And as I am still struggling, so they still help. I get medications that help with symptomatic issues. My Temporal Dyslexia and an inability to count occasionally results in waiting for refills over a long weekend. Like Turkey-day. Stretching helps, but only to a degree. Meditation allows me to realize that physical pain is a Temporal phenomenon, and it is Transient and Effervescent in relation to me. I experience Pain, but that sensation is as illusory as the remainder of our consensual hallucination. Though Pain feels as Real & Immediate as anyone could desire (if they would Want that), the transitory nature of the Body’s warning signals leads me to the locales where massage, heat, or pressure provide relief.
I kinda feel like a reverse flagellant, “hurting” myself for physical relief, not physically abusing myself for the state of my soul. (I figgered the Creator/Deity made my soul & the conditions I’d find myself in, and if I come up with an unexpected or unwelcome outcome, then I broke Reality. No objective proof of any of it, so no worries 😉 ).

Rambling on then. Life is. Sometimes good, occasionally great, often painful & confusing, but it’s still the best interface with the most immersive experience possible, full surround (sound/light/matter), massive pallette, insane frame rate, negligible lagging, with a building block system that puts Minecraft (Modern Lego Videogame for the Luddite audience) or COD or anything we call VR to the level of a crayon masterpiece made by a 2year old.

Hate it, Love it, or Indifference towards it may affect the effects you internalize, but the Show Goes On, regardless.
Enjoy the Trip.

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Ticking away

So, as far as the Copenhagen interpretation and its collieries is concerned:
Consistent Histories interpretation… Begging the Fucking Question, aren’t we?
I find the De Brogile-Bohm “Governing Wave” idea to be intrinsically compelling on a number of levels, not the least of which is that it presupposes an underlying reality independent of our observation. This means the cat is dead or alive, regardless of whether we open the box or not.
It also means that “freaky actions at a distance” are inherent, as well as giving a hardcoded setting to the arrow of time, but I can live with that. If I could correct my mistakes, I never would have learned anything but facts.
And that’s what Google is for.

Choose to be the best version of the best vision you have of thine own self, and you’ll be awed by the things you’ll do.

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Flying cars


So, the wife, a friend, and I go to the Renton AFK, for a “Mage: The Ascension” 20th Anniversary Edition book signing, by the Writer. He’s a sci-fantasy writer, and he’s not just nice to the public, but he’s personable, approachable, and enthusiastic. I saw him dealing with a “Rules Lawyer” style interrogation of a few fans with which he entered with both barrels loaded & laid waste to adolescent fantasy, within the fictional ‘verse, mind thee, and kept the fans enthusiastic and wanting more.
Writer? Duh. Artist? Yea, that is what I saw therein.
So, someone asks the rhetoric question of “Why don’t we have Flying Cars?” As soon as I began talking, I was informed it was rhetoric in nature.

Carbon fiber shell, on a carbon-nanotube aerogel core, for the body/frame. Lightweight, Strong, and an electrical power capacitance beyond the dreams of avarice. Superconducting fan motors, using aerogel insulation and liquid nitrogen, give lift. There ya go.

Won’t happen. Insurance is a Bitch.

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Mixed another batch.

We’ll see if I can remember what the hell I’m doing this time, shall we?
Wish me luck.

And patience. A half hour today felt like an eternity, and this is/has been a weeks long process, and I’ve cut days off already. I can improve the system, after I run it a time or two.

Waiting sucks.

Peace, y’all.

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Today’s postulate is that radiant energy transversing a vacuum does so at a singular speed, regardless of any consideration of the time/space it occupies.
Light in a vacuum goes exceedingly fast, and light moving through a media does so as a (slightly) lesser amount.
Since they couldn’t find the Aether after Newton, no matter what they tried, Einstein equated gravity with acceleration, matter with energy, and figured everything is Relative.
I misremember the facts, but there is also some discussion of the current understanding being suffused with dark matter and dark energy, and there are researchers who aren’t joking when they equate our existence to a VR running alongside others, or overlayed holograms running at different harmonics.
QM and its antecedent Quantum utilities can predict events with hard to grok but useful probability, which makes engineering electronics, molecular self assembly, and biology (as examples) more productive endeavors. This is unfortunate because it just can’t get the little ol’ “gravity is acceleration” part. Every time it has been tried, poof, the physicist blows up (in frustration; then they shuffle off muttering about paradox violations and arrows and probabilistic crap).
So, see, Relativity has to be wrong cause it doesn’t work on that miniscule speck of near non-existence called Plank-(Space &/or Time), where the Quanta worldview is supreme (and counter-Newtonian). Or QM is wrong because Relativity keeps getting the gravity thing.
I think it’s a OS/Firmware interface issue myself, and the Dark Mass is the Hardware. D Energy would be a few other VR’s, or dimensions, or maybe a Multiverse.
I may be uncertain about it all, sometimes, but it all is very persistent, and fairly resilient, I find.

L8r, y’all.

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Still alive. Nuthin’ ta say, at least, not now, and not here.

Maybe tomorrow. Peace

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It’s a healthy/unhealthy dichotomy. I’ve got an immunodeficiency (or two), as well as depression, so, most of the time, I’m conscious of my lack.
Occasionally though, I’ll get ill, as in “I can’t get out of bed, unless I’m heading to the commode” kind of sick, and then I realize how healthy I usually am.
I am not confined to a chair. I can use both of my hands; hell, I have both of each of those things that are supposed to come in pairs when one is a human.
I have my mind. A little worn, maybe, kinda rusty here and there, but it’s all there, more or less. The “can do” attitude comes and goes, but I find myself moving forward, since it seems the direction of greatest potential. I’ve learned that the complete “180° Pivots” that I’ve been frustrated with in the past were minute course corrections instead of “tacking against a headwind”.
The lack of strength, the endurance I enjoyed, the veritable vitality I had year before last still make their absence felt regularly. I’ve had to tell my son I can’t play because I’m too tired. Or that we can play, but maybe Chess or Minecraft instead of Jedi or Firemen or Adventurers.
Which is why I am grateful, that I am getting healthier. I’m still horribly underweight, so that my friends and family are visibly shocked when they’ve seen me, lately. Saddest part is that I have put on a few pounds (3-4) that have stuck around, but every week its a small nudge up. Considering it, I am slowly, minutely, gaining my weight back, but th US Army would say I’m 10-15 lbs underweight… If I were 18. At my actual age of more than double that, I’ve no idea, but adding another 30-40 lbs to my current frame would lose me the Skeletor look, and Deo Gloria, I’ve had my appetite return.
It may be premature, but I’m grateful for my returning health, and for the rest of this whole “consensual, persistent hallucination”.

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